Fresh, Local, Line-caught Wild King Salmon Now at Sigona's

Fresh, Local, Line-Caught Wild King Salmon Now at Sigona’s

Swimming yesterday, in our store today, these Omega 3-laden beauties go quickly so hurry in!

Wild King Salmon at Sigona's

Dave Kubo, or friend and local fisherman, catches and prepares the fresh-caught wild King salmon for our stores.

The commercial salmon season opened yesterday and thanks to our friend and local fisherman, Dave Kubo, we have beautiful, fresh, local, line-caught wild king salmon steaks and fillets in our Redwood City store TODAY.

That’s right. Caught yesterday and in our store today. Now that’s fresh!

These beauties are caught off the coast of Half Moon Bay and Monterey. Ocean-caught king salmon have higher levels of the naturally occurring Omega-3 fatty acids and a higher oil content that adds to their natural robust flavor and deep coloring. It’s a fantastic fish.

This season we’ll also take pre-orders for whole and half salmon at a discounted price. It’s an abundant season, so we expect a lot of fish and lower prices. Plus, these fish have been feeding on krill, which pumps up their levels of Omega 3s so they’re loaded with nutritional benefits. It’s going to be such a good season we already have a few local restaurants lined up to get fresh fish deliveries directly from us!

Keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter to get the latest on fresh deliveries, and be sure to try one of our favorite seasonal recipes: Sautéed Fava Beans with Herb Grilled King Salmon.

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