John Sigona’s Pick of the Week: Extraordinary Pistachios

John Sigona has been our dried fruit and nut expert for over 35 years.

John Sigona has been our dried
fruit and nut expert for
over 35 years.


Rare roasted salted, colossal size and Roasted, No Salt. The very best in the world!

Sale: $2.99 7-oz. | Reg. $4.99 7-oz.

Sale: 4.99 12.5-oz. | Reg. $7.99 12.5-oz.

(Special good thru Nov. 8)

Our pistachios come from a family farm in California’s Central Valley. The perfect growing area for this wonderful nut.

Roasted Salted Pistachios_MA_360Why our pistachios are the best anywhere:

  • Pink Himalayan salt—Loaded with over 84 prestine minerals and trace elements.
  • Colossal size!—usually 1%–2% (some years less than that) of entire crop grow to this mature size—HUGE!
  • Picked at absolute full maturity; the nut meats are actually bursting out of their shells for the very best flavor and nutrients
  • (Same excellent pistachios with no salt, if you prefer, at the same super sale price)

Some health benefits of pistachios and Himalayan pink salt:

  • One serving (about 45 pieces) has more antioxidants than red wine and blueberries, combined
  • Two ounces—more protein than 2 oz of cooked halibut, more fiber than 2oz of cooked broccoli, more potassium than 1 large banana
  • No Trans fat
  • Lowest calorie nut—one-half the calories per serving of almonds—75% less than macadamia nuts

Himalayan pink salt:

  • Most pristine salt on the planet—hand milled (mined) from the foothills of the Himalayan mountains—“like going back in time and consuming minerals from pre-industrial earth”
  • Simply the best health benefits of any other salt on earth
  • Includes full spectrum of 84 minerals & trace elements, highly beneficial for our bodies
    • Some of these minerals include:
      • Magnesium
      • Calcium
      • Copper
      • Potassium
      • Iron
    • Unprocessed, unrefined, raw
    • Regular consumption helps to:
      • Balance Electrolytes
      • Support proper nutrient absorption
      • Eliminate toxins
      • Normalize blood pressure

(Common highly refined “white” salt is devoid of nutrients, missing over 80 minerals and trace elements)

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