In the Kitchen with Sigona’s Featuring: Grape, Arugula and Gouda Skewers with a Walnut-Thyme Drizzle

Grape, Arugula and Gouda Skewers with a Walnut-Thyme Drizzle

Grapes and Gouda make for a sweet & savory combination, which pairs perfectly with peppery arugula. If desired, drizzle the dish with a little Sigona’s French Roasted Walnut Oil mixed with a little thyme. Serves 6 to 8.

Gouda Grapes Arugula Skewers_1010Egreen (1 of 1)_360What you need:

  • 24 grapes, such as green Natural Thompson or a combination red and green grapes, which adds more color to the presentation
  • 48 leaves of baby arugula
  • About 4 oz. Artikaas grass-fed Gouda, sliced into 24 cubes (1/2-inch in size)
  • Equipment: Small skewers or toothpicks, about 4-inches long

Walnut & Thyme Drizzle (optional):

Directions: Slide a grape halfway onto a skewer. Gently bend two arugula leaves in half and thread them on the skewer. Finish by threading on a cube of cheese, then stand or lay the skewer on a serving tray. Repeat with all remaining ingredients.

Optional finishing oil: In a small bowl, mix together the walnut oil and thyme (or skip if using Sigona’s Herbes de Provence Olive Oil). Drizzle the oil mixture around the dish and lightly over the top of the skewers. Serve.


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