Muscat grapes: a little taste of summer with a burst of flavor.

Muscat grapes:  a little taste of summer with a burst of flavor.

By Robbie Sigona

Seedless red muscat grapes from Chile are here and they are truly a delight to pop in your mouth.  Customers ask for them year-round, and it’s easy to see why.cluster of red muscat grapes

The muscat tastes great, whether it’s in wine, grapes, or raisins.  Its distinctive floral perfume is what makes it such a treat – and the fact that you can’t get them year-round makes them all the more special.

Not only do they have distinct compounds that produce that rich, spicy and complex muscat flavor, they also have unusually high concentrations of antioxidant flavonoids. Plus, they are seedless, making them perfect for munching.

The season for these delicacies is very short, so pick some up while they’re here. If you put them in the middle of your kitchen table, I can just about guarantee they’ll disappear in a flash.

Robbie’s Produce Tips:

Select red muscat grapes that are plump and firmly attached to green stems. The color should be both red and green. If you don’t eat them all on the way home, wrap the remaining grapes in a paper towel, then store in a plastic bag in the refrigerator for up to a few days. Wash them in cold water just before enjoying.

I simply like to wash, chill (the grape, not me) and eat. They are a softer grape so I like them cold as they seem a little firmer.

By the way, have you ever eaten frozen grapes?  It’s like eating little popsicles – great for kids who are big enough to appreciate them.

And take a tip from some of our mom friends if you offer grapes to toddlers – cut them in half first.  It’s not only safer for little ones who are just learning to eat on their own; it’s also easier for them to manage.

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