Spruce up your Salads

If done right, salads are a healthy option for meals and are a fantastic way to increase your intake of nutrient-packed leafy greens. If eating salad day after day seems boring or you’re in a toppings rut, consider the following for adding some texture, flavor and something new to your greens. – Carmelo Sigona

Add an extra layer of crunch to your salad      

Add a sprinkling of seeds or nuts, such as sunflower seeds or Marcona almonds make a great addition for texture and flavor.

Add another layer of flavor to your salads

Toss in little bits of fruit that would highlight a sweet-tart explosion in your mouth, such as blueberries, strawberries, raspberries or citrus, like blood oranges or mandarins.

Add layers of flavor and pungency

Herbs offer huge flavor. Soft-leaf herbs like chervil, cilantro, basil, flat leaf parsley, dill…you name it! Just about anything in the herb department your palate prefers will add that extra dimension of little exploding flavors. Don’t be afraid to add several herbs at the same time and see what you think.

Mix up your salad dressings make your own

A base of high quality olive oil and an acid (vinegar, citrus juices, etc.) are a great start. It can be that simple or you can do any combination of olive oil and an acid. A little bit of Dijon mustard to this combination emulsifies the dressing to a thicker degree. Add a little explosion of sweetness by a sprinkling of currents or other tiny bits of dried fruit.

Cheeses also add a great dimension to your salads

The pungent-ness of a goat cheese can add creaminess and again another explosion of flavor that kind of keeps your palate guessing on what’s coming next?

Mix up your salad greens

There are pre-packaged & prepped salad options, but we also carry many heads of other lettuces and leafy greens, including flavorful members of the chicory family, such as endive, radicchio, friseé and escarole. Try a simple, basic, friseé salad with olive oil a little bit of citrus juice, perhaps a sprinkling of currants and maybe some citrus segments, tossed with a little bit of satsuma Mandarin balsamic (such as the salad pictured). The idea is to mix it up to keep things exciting and not have your palate whispering to you, “I’m bored.”

Cook’s Tips:

  • Above all, start with the ingredients being absent of water which will get in the way of your dressing flavoring every leaf… So dry, dry, dry your salad greens before adding the dressing.
  • Add little drizzles of the dressing at a time toss, toss, toss to make sure everything is well coated before you add more, if necessary. Always taste first to evaluate the need for more.
  • An overdressed salad destroys the taste of all the nuances that you are trying to create. Let your palate enjoy all the taste.

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