Sigona's Fruit For Thought

Introducing Sigona’s Fruit For Thought

Healthy Snacks for Working Minds.

Jimmy Sigona, a Fruit for Thought co-creater, presents a basket ready for delivery.

We know the pace here on the Peninsula is go-go-go, fueled by keen intelligence, a bias toward innovation and creativity, and – let’s face it – long work hours. As you may know, long hours are associated with poor eating habits and weight gain.  Stress increases the risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

With Sigona’s Fruit for Thought, our new service that delivers healthy snacks for working minds, you can help keep your workplace energized and productive, with healthy snacks such as seasonal local fruits packed with vitamins, organic fruits, dried fruits nuts and seeds, and trail mix.

And while we won’t bore you with the citations and footnotes, we did do our homework and came across some compelling statistics from the UN World Food Programme, the US Centers for Disease Control, policy papers by state and provincial public health agencies, and studies in peer reviewed journals.

Here’s a quick list that highlights some of what we suspected all along:

  • The CDC says expenditures related to obesity top out at $75 billion annually. Of that figure, business pays a hefty price: obesity costs American businesses $12.7 billion a year in insurance and paid sick days.
  • 56% — more than half of all American adults — do not get the minimum RDA of five fruits and vegetables each day, even though most know they are supposed to eat 5-9 servings daily.
  • A Nutrition Resource Centre survey finds 85% of employees believe workplace nutrition programs can increase health and lower costs — and 70% think employers should provide them.

When you come right down to it, it’s just common sense, isn’t it? As any good nutritionist will tell you, food is fuel. We want to help you fuel your team not just to success, but to greatness! Why not? It’s what we aspire to in our stores.

How do employees benefit?

  • they will have more energy and perform their jobs better;
  • they’ll feel better about their jobs and their company;
  • your own reputation as an employer who has their employee’s best interests at heart gets even better;
  • visitors to your workplace and meeting-goers will feel more welcome as they notice you’ve done something special – not the usual muffin-and-coffee when they arrive at the conference room;
  • employers have even started listing fresh fruit as a benefit on job postings!
  • having fresh fruit in a highly visible, accessible place has a halo effect – it may encourage people to choose healthy foods at other times of day as well.

Phil Sigona (right) delivers a Fruit for Thought basket to Lisa at DCM in Menlo Park.

With Sigona’s Fruit for Thought you can regularly schedule fruit deliveries, (why not do like one of our customers and set up Fruit Wednesdays, for example?), or you can have it delivered occasionally, say for division meetings and conferences, or for special occasions. Think of all the calories you’d save if all those office birthday cakes were replaced with healthy food!

We have three selections. To these you can add on dried fruit, nuts, and trail mixes:

  • The Basics covers your basic fruit needs with lunchbox favorites like Honey Crisp apples, Cara Cara navels, and bananas – plus some seasonal treats.
  • Wide Variety includes all of The Basics, plus the most exciting fruit such as juicy peaches and nectarines from the Sierra Foothills, cherries from Morgan Hill, kiwi, Watsonville strawberries and the freshest blueberries you can find.
  • Organic, which is all organic, all the time, with the best varieties available.

We guarantee delivery north to Belmont and south to Palo Alto, east to the Bay and west to 280. We also deliver outside these areas but you would need to check with us first at 650-368-6992 to see if your area is covered.

Plus! We offer 50% off of your first order (up to a $200 order–$100 off).  Please call instead of ordering on the Web site for this deal.

There’s a lot more detail on our brand-new Sigona’s Fruit for Thought Web site. Click here to visit the site and learn more.

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