Easy access to Sigona's in Redwood City

Easy access!

All lanes open in front of RWC Sigona’s for now.

alternate route 5
Marks the route

X Marks Sigona’s

Middlefield Road will remain open during construction. Following are directions for an alternate route. This is actually the way most of the Sigona’s crew comes to the Redwood City store because it skips over the U-Turn!

Traveling towards Sigona’s from Woodside Road/Hwy 84…

—  Drive two more blocks past Middlefield Road to Spring Street
—  Turn Right on Spring Street
—  Turn Right on Charter Street
—  Turn Right on Stambaugh Street
—  Turn Left on Willow Street
—  Turn Left into the Sigona’s parking lot

Note that if you leave going the same way, do not turn left on Spring Street to get back to Hwy 84/Woodside Road. Continue one more block to Bay Street (you’ll see a Quiznos) and turn left. Bay Street will lead you to Hwy 84/Woodside Road.

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