Meet the Sigona's Crew: Rosa Torres

Meet the Sigona’s Crew: Rosa Torres

Rosa Torres is everyone’s favorite! Her joy and laughter brightens up everyone’s day. She has been working at Sigona’s in Redwood City for 12 years as both a cashier and as dried fruit and nut specialist.  Rosa is our fastest and friendliest cashier, always joking , laughing and running up and down making sure her displays are always stocked and presentable.

Rosa’s favorite dried fruit is Sigona’s organically-grown Kent mango. She says, “if you haven’t tried these yet, you’ll be surprised how good they are. These are dried at a low temperature without sulfur or any added sugar!”

Next time you’re in the store Rosa will be more than happy to show you where to find these dried mangos. You’ll love their taste and you’ll love Rosa too!

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