Mother's Day Ice Cream Contest: Runners Up

Mother’s Day Ice Cream Contest: Runners Up

Thank you to all who participated in our Ice Cream Contest for Mother’s Day! We’ve selected a winner, but want to acknowledge the runners up, too.

We’re also posting these up in our store so you can bring your mom, mother-in-law or grandma down to the store to show them off! Each runner up wins two free quarts of Marianne’s ice cream, any flavor they choose (however, these don’t come with a special label).

Our winner gets two quarts of Marianne’s ice cream with a special label featuring the name they submitted, their mom’s picture and the story. PLUS, they get one free quart of ice cream a month for a year.

The Winner

Winning submission by Josefina

Runners up, in no particular order:

Muriel Brown

Suggested Ice Cream Name: Muriel B’s BB Surprise!

Ice Cream: Butter Brickle

Entry: It would certainly be a surprise for my 90 year old Mom-in -law to see an ice cream named after her.  She and her husband Gerald ran a wholesale flower shop in Redwood City for 50 years and has been a great Mom, Mom-in-law, Grandmother and Great Grandmother to the Brown family

Submitted by: Sharon B.

Lillian Anderson

Suggested Ice Cream Name: Lillian’s Lovely Licorice Ice Cream

Ice Cream: Licorice

Entry: My mother, Lillian Anderson, passed away 2 years ago at the age of 100. She was a resident of Redwood City for over 60 years, owned Yarns and Things on El Camino, and was Secretary of the Rolling Pins bowling league that bowled at Mel’s bowl for over 40 years.  She quit bowling when she was 92!  My Mother was a “treasure” to all of us. Licorice ice cream was one of her favorites, and I feel it would be a wonderful tribute to name an ice cream after our dear Mother!

Submitted by: Norma J.

Eva on her birthday

Suggested Ice Cream Name: Eva’s Banana Almond Fudge

Ice Cream: a mixture

Entry: My mom is the fudge of our family, the one who holds us all together. After working in the countryside communes during the Chinese Revolution, she immigrated to the US in her late 20s to give birth to and raise a family of 3 kids. My mom has so many amazing attributes, just like Banana Almond Fudge, and is my inspiration and role model!

Submitted by: Ally H.

Alexandra Beylin

Suggested Ice Cream Name: Never-phony Alla’s Spumoni – contains no bologna and no bony

Ice Cream: a mixture

Entry: Mom enjoys life without complaining.  While never fought in wars or saved anyone from fire, she is our Hero.  Mom can easily converse with president as well as repairman, can lift spirit without pretense, can smile and her smile illuminates hearts.

Submitted by: Irina R.

Kate and her mom in Japan

Suggested Ice Cream Name: Slim’s 50/50

Ice Cream: 50/50 (Orangesicle and Vanilla)

Entry: Mom’s nickname was “Slim” during the post-war years in Japan.  The odds were 50/50 (“hanbun-hanbun”) in her favor:  she survived Hiroshima and fell for a country boy from the Territory of Hawai’i.  Slim’s rule was that a 50/50 chance for happiness was worth holding onto with both hands. I love my mom.  I thank you for being able to tell a small part of her story.

Submitted by: Kate M.

Barbara Bengel

Suggested Ice Cream Name: Queen Bee Green Tea:

Ice Cream: Green Tea

Entry: Bzzzz….My mom, Barbara, is a queen bee. She is always on the go and busy working, that sometimes I think she needs a little Green Tea and time to relax. She has been a successful educator for over 30 years and inspired me to become a teacher.

P.S. I picked this flavor because my mom’s favorite drink is Iced Tea – she probably drinks 8 glasses a day of it (instead of water).

Submitted by: Sarah C.

Marie Laure Washer

Suggested Ice Cream Name: Marie Laure’s Kickin’ Kahlua Crunch

Ice Cream: Kahlua Crunch

Entry: Marie Laure Washer, mom as we would call her, is a true blessing. She is so caring and giving with her children and grandchildren. Whenever we call on her, she is always happily there with open arms and a big smile on her face. Marie Laure is a kickin’ mom!

Submitted by: Laurie W.

Judy in Palm Springs

Suggested Ice Cream Name: Moody Judy’s Tutti-Frutti Gelati (Yes, that’s plural, but it rhythms a little bit better that way!)

Ice Cream: a mixture (Banana Almond Fudge and Red Raspberry Cheesecake)

Entry: “Moody Judy’s Tutti-Frutti Gelati” combines Banana Almond Fudge and Red Raspberry Cheesecake into a fruit spiral of pleasure!  This ambrosial confection is a tasty tribute to my mom, Judy Zumwalt.  She deserves something sweet for being such a loving and supportive mother through the years!  Love ya, mom!

Submitted by: Kristin Z.

Stephanie's mom, Phyllis

Suggested Ice Cream Name: Phyllis’ Slammin Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

Ice Cream: Chocolate Chip

Entry: My mom Phyllis has a passion for cooking and entertaining. By far her best cookie recipe is chocolate chip. What makes this recipe “slammin” is the instruction to take the pan of freshly baked cookies from the oven and slam them to the floor. CRACK!!! Cookies are done!

Submitted by: Stephanie D.

Suzanne's mom on her 83rd birthday

Suggested Ice Cream Name: Tsch’s Rocky Road Dish

Ice Cream: Rocky Road

Entry: To commemorate my Mom’s own “Rocky Road” this year with heart surgeries for her and my Dad, his passing, and now learning to live alone after 60 years of marriage.  The delicious ice cream is to prove the sweetness and gift of love and life from her #1 Daughter! xoxo

Submitted by: Suzanne T.

Carol and her daughter, Sonoma

Suggested Ice Cream Name: Carol’s Kaluha Crunch Getaway
Ice Cream: Kaluha Crunch

Entry: Kaluha crunch takes my mom , Carol , on a vacation to a tropical getaway. She loves vacations and not actually going on one but feeling like it is amazing. I know most of these entries say that their mothers love the ice cream but the fact that it feels like my mom is on a vacation is a very big deal she loves almost all the ice creams on that list so it was very hard to choose.Thank you for reading this and I really want to win because my mom is amazing and I think that everyone should know her and how much I love her. I know you should rename your kaluha crunch

Submitted by: Sonoma S.

Annette and her mom, Sumi

Suggested Ice Cream Name: Sumi s Strawberry Patch

Ice Cream: Strawberry

Entry: There is a word in Swedish, smultronstaller, that means  the wild strawberry patch.  But it is actually a magical place that you can go to at any time. When mom got that distant look in her eyes, you knew she was there, in her patch of wild strawberries!

Submitted by: Annette C.

Kathy at a recent ballroom dance competition

Suggested Ice Cream Name: Kathy’s Kahlua Cha Cha Crunch

Ice Cream: Kahlua Crunch

Entry: Ballroom dance changed my mother’s life in so many ways, and allows her to now serve as an inspiration to others. It’s never too late to pursue your passion, push yourself to the edge and reap the rewards. Ballroom dancing changes lives, especially if it has a spokesperson like Kathy!

Submitted by: Anya C.

Debbie with her mom, Isabel

Suggested Ice Cream Name: Dolly’s Delicious Strawberry Kiss Ice Cream

Ice Cream: Strawberry

Entry: My mother grew up during the depression, and has shared amazing stories of her past with my children and me.  She makes us so proud of our family’s heritage.  Mom’s always been a hard-working, kind hearted, wonderful woman who always put her family first.

Submitted by: Debbie H.

Janis' mom, Bonnie

Suggested Ice Cream Name: Bonnie’s KINDRED SPIRITs Irish Coffee Chocolate Ice Cream

Ice Cream: Irish Coffee Chocolate

Entry: My mother, Bonnie Brumbaugh KINDRED Kelley Goodwin, who taught us all that race, color, creed, religion; NOTHING mattered but that we come together to celebrate our unique differences and commune with the things we held in common, that everyone is equal and under Gods love and care. We all knew these tenets as very young children in the early 1950’s in rural South Dakota. Now Californians,. we have come to think of it as The Kindred Kindness, The Kindred Spirit must  always prevail.  I never remember a lecture or her even specifically discussing these things, because we ‘lived’ these ideals and by osmosis we all grew to embody her  Kindred Spirit. We became compassionate, altruistic adults and we raised our families the same way. We inherited from her a love of  politics, edutcation, literature, music (we are ALL singers and LOVE Opera), and of course, KINDNESS… the KINDRED SPIRIT AND…a love of ICE CREAM!!!! Home made icecream made with cream from surrounding farms early 1950’s; a way to celebrate life….with ICE CREAM one of my fondest memories.

It is still very difficult to know that she no longer walks on this earth, but Bonnie Brumbaugh Kindred Kelley Goodwin truly lives in all of us and in our lives. And she lives on in the lives of others that we touch.

Submitted by: Janis I.

Suggested Ice Cream Name: Granny Tillie’s Cafe (Coffee) Ice Cream

Ice Cream: Coffee

Entry: I was raised by my grandmother and had a very special relationship with her.  She had an abundance of kindness and patience- and made me feel like the most loved kid in the world.  As I grew older and entered my turbulant teens, we would have our famous “coffee chats” over mugs of coffee in front of her roaring fire place.  She was my best friend. I can’t help but think of her everytime I drink a cup of coffee- or enjoy a scoop of coffee ice cream (my favorite!). Granny Tillie taught me everything I know about being a good mom and treating children with kindness and respect.

Submitted by: Melissa K.

Mary's mom with the two kiddos

Suggested Ice Cream Name: Mama Pajama’s Jumping Cafe

Ice Cream: Cafe (coffee)

Entry: My Mom turned 80 yrs old earlier this year to much fanfare and celebration.  I call her “Mama Pajama” and she rocks with good energy – additionally she rocks my world cuz she is my dearest Mom.  We share a luv of Cafe (coffee ice cream) – smooth, rich, creamy and electrifying!

Submitted by: Mary M.

Suggested Ice Cream Name: Susan’s Spectacular Strawberry-Blonde Bombshell!

Ice Cream: a mixture (Strawberry and Banana)

Entry: The combination of Strawberry and Banana flavors swirled together symbolize my mother’s hair… and passion in skin therapy: “The golden standard with hints of warmth.” This being the 25th anniversary in the business of caring for others it’s time she gets her just desserts.

Submitted by: Timitchin U.

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