Tips for Healthy Living

Tips for Healthy Living

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Winter Sports Series Part 3: Recovering After a Day in the Snow

By Ryan Manuel, BS, a ACSM Health Fitness Specialist, and

Erik Heywood, BS, CSCS, CES, a Certified Metabolic Typing Adviser

Left: Start glute stretch. Right: Finish glute stretch.

It’s not uncommon for many of us to charge the slopes, work up a good sweat, and then succumb to the urge to kick the feet up and relax. Instead of just imprinting your body on the sofa, try giving it a little TLC with these series of stretches. Make this a ritual before hitting couch and this may prevent you from stiffening up like a board and keep you agile for tackling days 2, 3 or 4 on the slopes. We suggest the following…



Sitting Glute Stretch


  • Start by sitting close to the edge of a chair with one ankle crossed on top of the other thigh.
  • Lean forward by tipping your pelvis forward (sticking your tailbone out behind you).
  • Hold for about 1 to 2 minutes when you feel a stretch in your glutes.
  • Cherub (quad) stretch. Left: Starting position. Right: Ending position.

    *Optional- Follow the stretch by softly bouncing the leg for 15- 30 seconds.

Cherub Stretch (Quadricep Stretch)

  • Stand tall and hold onto something stable for support.
  • Grab one ankle from behind and pull the foot close to the glute comfortably.
  • Elevate the stretching leg behind you, and sink slightly on the balancing leg.
  • Left: Start Hip Flexor-to-Hamstring stretch. Middle Step 1 of Hip Flexor-to-Hamstring stretch. Right: Step 2 of Hip Flexor-to-Hamstring stretch.

    Hold this position for about 30 seconds, and then repeat without pausing for 10 repetitions.


Hip Flexor-to-Hamstring Stretch

  • Kneel down on one knee with the other foot out front.
  • Lean your pelvis forward bringing it towards the floor.
  • For more support, place your hands down on the floor or on your lap.
  • After holding this position for approximately a minute, sit hips back lengthening the front leg.
  • Hold this hamstring stretch for about the same amount of time.
  • After holding each stretch, repeat both positions at a moderate, yet comfortable pace for about 5-10 repetitions.
  • Frog pose to stretch lower back. Hold this position for approximately 2 minutes.

    *Optional- Place a folded towel under the knee to provide extra cushioning.

Frog Pose (Lower back and hip stretch) 


  • Start on all-fours with knees below the hips and hands below the shoulders.
  • Slide the knees apart to a manageable distance.
  • Place both forearms down and hold position for approximately 2 minutes.
  • *Optional- move your spine forward and back for 10 repetitions.

Spinal Twist (Lower back stretch)

  • Left: Spine twist stretch start. Right: Spine twist stretch finish.

    Lay flat on your back with arms out and legs straight.

  • Bring one leg up and rotate it over towards the other side.
  • Hold this position for about 30 seconds then alternate with the other leg.
  • Repeat for 3 to 5 repetitions on each leg.


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