Tips for Healthy Living from Lite for Life

Tips for Healthy Living

Sigona’s has partnered with Lite for Life, a local weight loss company, to share tips with you about taking a natural and healthy approach to eating and weight management that will help you achieve and maintain control for life. — Carmelo Sigona

Lite for Life Tip #5:   

Eat Those Carbs!

Do eat your carbs… the good ones!  Beware diets that promote rapid weight loss through the elimination of carbs; any weight loss achieved will come from your body breaking down your own muscle tissue for energy!

Complex carbohydrates from fruit, vegetables, and whole-grain sources provide essential vitamins and minerals to maintain maximum good health, as well as providing long-lasting energy to fuel your body while protecting your lean muscle mass.  The fiber contained in these food sources also helps in the absorption of these nutrients, keeps you feeling full longer so you eat less, maintains a more steady blood sugar, and also keeps your digestive tract operating normally.

Carmelo’s notes: Whole grains have a staying power and release really slow. When I don’t eat 3/4 cup of a whole grain before a workout I find I don’t have the staying power. Sometimes I try to just eat veggies and meat to lose weight earlier, but find myself tired. Eat those good carbs!

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