John Sigona’s Pick of the Week: Colossal-Size Pistachios with Pink Himalayan Salt


John Sigona has been our dried
fruit and nut expert for
over 35 years.

John Sigona’s Dried Fruit & Nut Pick of the Week are Rare & Colossal-Size Pistachios with Pink Himalayan Salt from Coachella Valley.

The Best Pistachios in the World!

$7.99 lb.

(Reg. $10.99 lb.)

The best pistachios you’ll find in the world are coming from Coachella Valley and are right here at Sigona’s. These healthy and delectable pistachios are meticulously handled from start-to-finish with love, pride and care.

Seeing firsthand just how careful the family farm is about the entire operation, from the incredibly beautiful pistachio orchards to the picking and hauling of the fully mature pistachios to the washing, drying grading and roasting process. One can really tell that the family farm’s one goal is to provide you with the very best pistachios the earth has to offer, and we are grateful to have secured the very finest of this family’s crop’s offerings so we can pass them onto you.

Why We Love These Pistachios:

  • Pink Himalayan Salt – loaded with over 84 pristine minerals and trace elements
  • Colossal-Size – usually 3-5% (some years 1%) of the entire crop grow to this mature size of humongous!
  • Picked at Full Maturity – the nut meats are actually bursting out of their shells
    • Very few farmers, if any, allow their pistachios to hang on trees for this length of time – only a few patient perfectionists who have supreme quality at the top of their list would attempt this

Some health benefits of pistachios and pink Himalayan salt:

  • One serving (about 45 pieces) has more antioxidants than red wine and blueberries, combined
  • Two ounces possesses more protein than 2 ounces of cooked halibut, more fiber than 2 ounces of cooked broccoli, more potassium than 1 large banana
  • No trans fat
  • Lowest calorie nut – 1/2 the calories per serving of almonds and 75% less than macadamia nuts

More information on pink Himalayan salt:

  • Most pristine salt on the planet – hand-milled (mined) from the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains – “like going back in time and consuming minerals from pre-industrial earth”
  • Simply the best health benefits of any other salt on earth
  • Includes full spectrum of 84 minerals and trace elements, highly beneficial for our bodies
    • Some of these minerals include:
      • Magnesium
      • Calcium
      • Copper
      • Potassium
      • Iron
  • Unprocessed, unrefined, raw
  • Regular consumption helps to:
    • Balance electrolytes
    • Support proper nutrient absorption
    • Eliminate toxins
    • Normalize blood pressure



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