Marin Sun Farms’ All Natural, 100% Grass-fed Beef & Pastured-raised Chicken

Marin Sun Farms’ All Natural, 100% Grass-Fed Beef & Pastured-Raised Chicken

*Meat products are sold at our Redwood City location only.


You asked for it, and we made it happen. Grass-fed beef is back by popular demand! Due to the relationships we have with small, local farms, such as Marin Sun Farms, we’re proud to offer you fantastic, all natural 100% grass-fed beef and  pastured-raised chicken from Marin Sun Farms at unbelievable prices.

We get our grass-fed beef & pastured-raised chicken from Marin Sun Farms in Point Reyes Station, CA.

Marin Sun Farms, located in the vast grasslands of the Point Reyes National Seashore about 60 miles north of here, is committed to producing pasture-based food for the Bay Area community, and strives toward building a sustainable food model. Their cattle are 100% grass fed with a no-corn finish, are never given any artificial hormones or stimulants and are guaranteed to be free of antibiotics. What’s more is that there no herbicides or pesticides used on any Marin Sun Farms’ pasture; these ranchers are serious about raising cattle that is healthy for consumption and that is also environmentally beneficial.

The land in West Marin is perfect for livestock. The mild climate. The rich soil. The rolling hills. The native grasses. These are all extremely important factors for raising livestock and developing healthy, mature beef. Grazing livestock is also important in sustaining productive open spaces, as the process contributes to the replenishing of native grasses. We’ve all heard that happy cows come from California, and Marin Sun Farms certainly proves this point! Marin Sun Farms livestock are pasture raised their entire lives with no consumption of grain or by-product supplements.

As mentioned above, this beef has a no-corn finish. Corn-finished cattle, meaning they are fed corn about a week before they’re butchered, have more intramuscular marbling. While we’re taught that marbling is an indication of better-tasting beef, it also indicates a higher percentage of fat. The more marbling there is, the higher the percentage of fat. Some grocers may advertise 80/20 ground beef on super sale – highlighting it’s great taste – almost hiding the fact that while it’s 80% lean beef, it’s still 20% fat and that’ll send your cholesterol skyrocketing!

We’ve learned that grass-fed beef has more healthy omega-3 fatty acids, beta-carotene and Conjugated Linoleic Acids (CLA), and fewer omega-6 fatty acids than grain-fed beef. As you may know, omega-3 fatty acids are referred to as heart-healthy “good fats,” while Omega-6 fatty acids are believed to be linked to certain ailments, such as heart disease.

You may be wondering if what a cow eats makes a big difference in the flavor of the beef…well, the differences are worth noting! The flavor, look, smell and texture of grass-fed beef differs slightly from grain-fed beef. Grass-fed beef actually has a distinctive rich and robust flavor that is not found in conventional, confinement-raised or grain-fed beef, simply because of the difference of the cattle’s diets.




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