Toni’s Health Tip #31: Why being selfish is good for your health

Tip #31:  Why being selfish is good for your health

By Toni Julian, health advocate & author


Toni Julian, Top Influential Women in Silicon Valley 2017

I know what you’re thinking; “Toni, you’ve completely lost it! How could being selfish be good for me? I’ll explain why and I guarantee you will feel better after reading this.

I’m not talking about being inconsiderate (like leaving your dishes in the sink for your spouse to clean up) or disregarding peoples’ feelings; that is totally different. I’m referring to the guilt some of us feel when we take time for ourselves while doing so much for others. Investing in alone-time with yourself, making sure you have healthy food on hand, committing to fitness and fresh air, and doing something entirely for you, is actually quite healthy.

Here are some top tips for making sure you take care of you, guilt free!

  • Sit in the sun during your lunch hour
  • Hike in the forest and take in lots of fresh air
  • Stay overnight by the beach and walk the sands to reflect
  • Schedule a massage every couple of weeks
  • Take a mineral bath
  • Schedule a date night with your honey
  • Watch a comedy and LYAO
  • Have a Girls-Night-Out or Guys-Night-Out

For many years, more than I care to admit, I had the mindset that I would be able to do more for myself, later. I thought when I graduated from college I’d have more time, when my kids were in school I’d have more time, when they started driving I’d have more time. After spending five years helping my dear sweet papa deal with Multiple Myeloma, and tending to him every day, I thought after he passed…you guessed it, I’d have more time.

Consider this: time is what we make of it. It’s not time itself or lack thereof, but the frame of mind in how we spend it. For example, if you’re doing something that brings you great discomfort, like holding a match under your palm, time would go by slowly. Every second would seem like an eternity. But, if you’re in a zone that brings you joy, like dancing under the stars with the one you love, hours can slip by unnoticed. See what I mean? You can schedule whatever you want and make the time if it’s a priority, and you should be high on that list.

So take the time, now, to do the things that keep you healthy and bring you joy. You will be happier, have more energy and be setting a great example for everyone around you.

Share this with friends who do so much for others and could use a reminder to focus on themselves from time to time.

From my heart to yours,




Toni Julian is the 2017 recipient of the Top Women of Influence by the Silicon Valley Business Journal, is a nationally renowned health advocate, nutrition adviser, fitness expert, and author of BITE ME! Change Your Life One Bite at a Time. She a 50-something mom of four, on the board of directors for NAWBO (National Association of Women Business Owners) and Creator of TONI’S Protein Meals, with 18 grams of protein for a conveniently healthy and complete meal that’s ready in minutes. Get yours at Sigona’s! Visit

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