Thanking the Moms in Our Lives

Looking for ideas to treat all the Moms in your life?  I compared notes with my extended family, regarding how they celebrate Mother’s Day. In treating our Moms, our favorites include both aromas and food that bring out the best of spring in California: from rose petals, to strawberries to mimosas.

For my mom, I usually go with my wife and kids, down to her house in Morgan Hill for barbeque the Saturday before. We enjoy the best of the season’s fruit and fresh flowers as part of our feast. Then, on Mother’s Day, we turn the celebration toward my wife of 14 years. After giving her a bouquet of flowers and taking her to Mass, we go out for a lovely Californian brunch.

As a kid, my cousin, Quincey, would wake up before her Mom and make a fresh peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  Her Dad would give her Mom roses. 

Cousin Jimmy’s most memorable Mother’s Day was when he and his Mom made a big dinner together including lasagna, meatballs, filo dough with mushrooms and feta appetizers and strawberry shortcake for dessert.  One thing he clearly inherited from his Mom was to never cut corners when it comes to food.  He drank his Mom’s homemade Honey Meade and other party-riffic beverages, listened to music, and made food together. Truly a loving way to spend precious time together.

The common theme is creating aromas and tastes that the Moms in your life will love.

Some of our local Moms have given us some hints to pass on to you.  These suggestions pair great food and aromas to set the stage for a truly enjoyable Mother’s Day together.  And you don’t need to get a reservation at a fancy restaurant to do it either.

So no matter how you choose to enjoy this season’s bounty with the Moms in your life, know that a kiss and a peanut butter and jelly sandwich will do the job too.

Robbie Sigona

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