Fresh from the Farm! Pinnacle Organic Produce from Phil and Katherine Foster.

You should taste the beef steak tomatoes and chard we got in. When you get produce like this, you know it’s truly a gift to live in California.


Phil and Katherine Foster, owners of Pinnacle Organic Produce, farm 250 acres of C.C.O.F. and I.F.O.A.M. certified organic vegetables, melons and fruit on two ranches near San Juan Bautista and Hollister, California.  On their 50 acres in San Juan Bautista, they grow cool season crops such as lettuces and cabbage, and on their 200 acres near Hollister, they grow hot season crops such as sweet corn, bell peppers, tomatoes, garlic, and onions.


Growing food in a way that’s good for the earth.

Maintaining a certified organic farm is hard work. Here’s a sampling of some of the things they do to bring us this healthy, tasty produce:

  • Building the soil with cover crops and compost.  They make all of the compost they need for their farm on 4 acres, which are dedicated for that purpose.  Wood chips from San Francisco Bay Area cities are recycled through the composting process.
  • Practicing environmentally sensitive pest control by attracting beneficial insects, constructing owl boxes, planting hedgerows, spraying compost tea, and more.  Their goal is to minimize spraying (even though the sprays are organic) whenever possible.  They try to anticipate insect and disease problems, and use a multi-faceted approach to preventing them, using organic techniques. 
  • Decreasing water consumption and protecting water quality by using drip irrigation whenever possible, and other water saving techniques. 
  • Finding alternatives to fossil fuels. They have 53 kilowatts of solar panels, and intend to add more.  They fuel most of their tractors and trucks with Biodiesel.  They run all of their diesel delivery trucks, and their newer tractors, on 100% biodiesel.  Pre-1990’s tractors have natural rubber hoses and gaskets which may be ruined by biodiesel, but newer models utilize synthetic rubber which is relatively unaffected by biodiesel.
  • Seeking to improve farming methods through observation, talking with other farmers, soil and tissue testing, and keeping up with the latest research.


They also take good care of their employees. They all receive above average pay and benefits. Twenty employees work there year-round and another twenty seasonal employees return each year.


Come Try Their Beef Steak Tomatoes and Chard

You’ll be impressed with the quality and taste. Then, send your favorite way to enjoy them to and we might share it with others in our article.


Robbie Sigona

Robbie Sigona’s Produce Tip

This local beefsteak tomato is outstanding. It’s the real deal and won’t be around too long. Choose when they are red in color and with a slight give. Since they are a back yard tomato they may have some blemishes that won’t change the wonderful flavor.


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