Local Vendor Spotlight: Fifi's Sweet Sensations

Local Vendor Spotlight: Fifi’s Sweet Sensations

This week, Sigona’s is treating you to a package of sensational cookies made by local baker Fay Fatolahi from Fifi’s Sweet Sensations, located just blocks from our Redwood City location.

(Pictured: Sigona's local vendors)

Everyone loves cookies! At Sigona’s you’ll find cookies from Fifi’s Sweet Sensations that will satisfy your sweet tooth and are guaranteed to put a smile right on your face.

Sean and Fay Fatolahi of Fifi's Sweet Sensations

Fifi’s Sweet Sensations’ fine pastries including, baklava, biscotti, cookies and more, are baked and delivered the same day by baker Fay Fatolahi and her husband, Sean. All Fifi’s goodies are made from scratch using all-natural ingredients sourced as locally as possible; some ingredients are even sourced from Sigona’s, such as our finest California-grown pistachios and walnuts!

“Baking has always been my passion since I can remember” said Fay Fatolahi as she explained how she loved baking with her mother since she was a little girl.

In fact, Fay made her first batch of cookies when she was 14 years old. Since then, she has not stopped baking. Her passion began as a hobby but soon after, it turned into something Fay and her husband, Sean, do for a living. Sean, who previously managed large retail chain stores, is now responsible for managing, marketing, negotiating and distributing Fifi’s products. Sean also does the sampling in our stores!

Sean has done his fair share of mixing, baking, sampling and delivering for Fifi’s and has learned much since starting the business with his wife. One baking tip Sean noted was, “Desserts do not need tons of sugar and artificial preservatives to taste good.”

Fay carefully rolling cookie dough

Fay and Sean started their business in October 2008 and began by sampling their products at a small coffee shop in San Mateo. They were then asked to create a dessert menu for Shalizaar, a fine Persian cuisine restaurant in Belmont, and the business blossomed from there.

Sigona’s partnered with Fifi’s Sweet Sensations in June 2009 and became the company’s second retail outlet. In less than a year from when they started, Fifi’s has expanded distribution into 17 retail stores, two coffee shops and one restaurant in the Bay Area.

Fay fills vanilla cookies with her secret chocolate filling

“Sean and Fay are naturals, they’re very passionate about food as I am,” said John Nava, Sigona’s specialty foods buyer. “I was impressed with Fay, who graduated from the International Culinary School of Las Vegas and worked as a pastry chef for the famous chef Mario Batali at his  B&B restaurant, which is also in Las Vegas. Fay worked at B&B to gain additional pastry experience before moving back to her hometown of Redwood City, where she opened Fifi’s and is doing what she loves.”

Fifi’s Sweet Sensations’ products are a success in our stores. They are soft, sweet and all natural, and Nava says you’ll love every bite! “Fifi’s first introduced the baklava then the biscotti, and I couldn’t wait to try the cookies,” said John Nava. “The cookies are fantastic.”

Don’t forget to bring in your coupon next time you’re in the store to get your free package of these sensational cookies with a purchase of $30 or more!

Fifi's has a line of baklava, biscotti, cookies and more!

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