Produce tips: Pears

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They’re just fantastic this time of year!

  • Choose a pear that is bright and fresh looking with no bruises or external damage.
  • You can tell when a Bartlett pears is ripe when it begins to turn yellow…if they get soft they will be mushy.
  • Winter pears, such as Bosc, Comice and D’Anjou, are ripe when they have a slight give around the stem (or neck) end.
  • Waiting until the body of a pear is soft will often mean its overripe.
  • Store unripe pears in a warm place outside of the refrigerator in a fruit bowl or in a paper bag. Their natural gases will help the fruit ripen quicker. Check daily for ripeness.
  • Store ripe pears in the  refrigerator to slow ripening.

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