Tips for Healthy Living

Tips for Healthy Living

“Tips for Healthy Living” have been a hit and we want to continue to touch on topics of interest to our readers. I’ve learned that working out to keep fit is sometimes not enough, and if you really want to avoid injuries and have the ability to work out into your later years, this series of health tips we will be presenting is for you! — Carmelo Sigona

Coordinating the lower body with the upper body.

The Kettlebell clean or dumbbell clean lift is used to help coordinate the lower body with the upper body.

To begin this exercise, hold the kettlebell with straight arm reaching downward.  Legs are in a squatted position with the head up and lower back straight (as shown in the picture on the left).

The object of this exercise is to use your legs and hips to hoist the weight over your head (as shown in the picture on the right).  This exercise teaches you how to maximize lifting using your legs while holding the weight with your hands.  This is a full body workout and is excellent for building stamina and coordination.  Use light weight first and progress to heavier weight as you improve your technique and form.

Ask a trainer to help if necessary. This is typically used for building leg strength and quickness for athletes.

(Pictured: (left) Dan Locsin of Train for Life in Morgan Hill and, (right) Carmelo Sigona.)

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