The Sweetest Gift for Mom

The Sweetest Gift for Mom

Write in to get a Marianne’s Ice Cream renamed after your mom for Mother’s Day!

Plus…win a free quart once a month for an entire year!


Moms…you gotta love ‘em! Every year, on top of birthdays and Christmas, comes a day where we (should) get another little something for mom. It’s always hard to come up with the perfect gift…especially when mom is one of those people who has everything and would be happy with anything you give her, right? Well, this year we have a solution for one lucky reader!

This is your chance to have an ice cream named after your mom for Mother’s Day!

Our friend Sam Lieberman, owner of Marianne’s Ice Cream in Santa Cruz, provided us with a list of his ice cream flavors – 39 in all – and is allowing us to rename one flavor in favor of someone’s mom for Mother’s Day!

As the winner, you’ll have an ice cream named after your mom, complete with a custom-made label! We’ll also give you a couple quarts to give your mom, showing her that she’s made it to Sigona’s ice cream hall of fame. Also as a winner, you’ll get a free quart of Marianne’s ice cream – any flavor you choose – from Sigona’s once a month for an entire year!

We’re also offering a little something for 40 of the runners up. We’re sure everyone’s story will be inspirational, and it’ll be hard to pick just one, so we’re going to offer a second-place prize (we might even select one for each flavor…that’d be 38 runners up!). Runners up will be asked to send in a picture of their mom that we’ll post in the store along with a note that shows the name of the ice cream you had named after her. We’ll even throw in two free quarts of ice cream for playing – they just won’t have mom’s picture on them like the winner’s.

You’ll have fun with this contest…here’s how it works:

  • Choose a flavor from the list below.
  • Submit a paragraph, using 50 words or less, about your mother. The story must tell us about your mom and must paint a picture for us as to why you’ve chosen the name/flavor.
    • We’re looking for something suitable for print, something that’s honest and something that’s creative. “Sally’s Smooth Vanilla” won’t cut it!
    • Send your write up to
    • Deadline: 5 p.m. Wednesday, April 21st
  • The original flavor of the ice cream has to be incorporated into the new name (e.g. Bobbie Jean’s Bodacious Bubble Gum)
  • Have a good feeling you’ll win or will be a runner up? Get a picture of your mom ready (digital, please) because we’ll ask for one!
  • We’ll contact the winner and runners up on Monday, April 26t. We’ll ask for a picture at that time.
  • The winner will be formally announced Wednesday, May 5th
  • Specialty ice cream will be available for pick up between Monday, May 3rd and Saturday, May 8th

Favors to choose from:

  1. Chocolate
  2. Strawberry
  3. Banana
  4. Burgundy Cherry
  5. Bittersweet Chocolate
  6. Peanut Butter Chocolate
  7. Cantaloupe
  8. 50/50 (Orangesicle and vanilla)
  9. Butter Brickle
  10. Maple Nut
  11. Vanilla Bean
  12. Old Fashioned Vanilla
  13. Northern Oregon Blackberry
  14. Cookie Dough
  15. Mint Chip
  16. Chocolate Chip
  17. Rocky Road
  18. Licorice
  19. Bubble Gum
  20. Green Tea
  21. Fudge Brownie
  22. Banana Almond Fudge
  23. Red Raspberry Cheesecake
  24. German Chocolate
  25. Fudge Brownie
  26. Buttered Pecan
  27. Café (coffee)
  28. Blueberry Cheesecake
  29. Coconut Pineapple
  30. Ginger
  31. Mango
  32. Irish Coffee Chocolate
  33. Kahlua Crunch
  34. Mandarin Chocolate
  35. Macapuno (baby coconut)
  36. Pistachio Nut
  37. Spumoni
  38. Chocolate Almond
  39. Watermelon Sorbet

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