Tips for Healthy Living: Physio ball push-up

Tips for Healthy Living

I’ve learned that working out to keep fit is sometimes not enough, and if you really want to avoid injuries and have the ability to work out into your later years, this series of health tips we will be presenting is for you! — Carmelo Sigona

Physio ball push-up

Tips from Dan Locsin of Train for Life in Morgan Hill

Working on a physio ball, also known as a Swiss ball, creates an element of instability and an extra challenge. This exercise will work abs, glutes, core, shoulders, chest, and arms if done correctly.

Step 1

Step 1: Start with both feet on physio ball and hands on mat (as pictured). This is a plank position. Be sure to raise hips slightly to avoid any pressure on lower back. Pull belly button in to contract deep abdominal musculature.

Feelings of instability and imbalance is normal. **Holding that position will fatigue the body, if you aren’t able to do a push-up.

Step 2

Step 2: Descend upper body to mat (doing a push-up) and raise back to plank position.

Step 3(a)

Step 3(b)

Step 3 (optional): (A) To increase difficulty, raise one leg off ball for more instability. This puts more pressure on the abs. (B) Dip down into a push-up as before, with one leg up. Then switch legs and repeat.

Step 4: repeat in sets of 10.

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