Now on tap at Sigona’s: Devil’s Canyon Root Beer

Now on tap at Sigona’s: Devil’s Canyon Root Beer

Get a growler of locally handcrafted root beer for free when you purchase the growler for $5 at Sigona’s. Limited time offer, so get in while the gettin’ is good!

Sigona’s is proud to introduce the best, fresh-brewed and locally made root beer ever! Local Devil’s Canyon Brewery in Belmont,Calif., has taken the art of root beer to the next level; the crisp, fresh old-fashioned taste reminds one of years past.

Sigona’s is the only retail location to offer Devil’s Canyon root beer on tap, and so we’re even more proud to give you the root beer for FREE! Purchase an empty growler (64 oz. jug) for $5 and the first fill is free. We also have frequent buyer cards available where after 10 fills, the 11th is free! Refills are $6.99.

 Bonus read: Do you know why they call the jug a growler?

Devil’s Canyon Draught Root Beer is handcrafted in small batches using all-natural and organic ingredients. It’s sweetened with organic cane sugar, agave nectar and local honey sourced from a farmer in Belmont,Calif.

What’s more is this root beer contains zero refined sugars and no corn syrup. It’s also caffeine and, of course, is alcohol free.

From customers and our crew alike, we’ve heard, “this is the best root beer I’ve ever tasted” again and again.

“If I were around in the early 1900s, I bet this is what good, homemade root beer would have tasted like,” said John Nava, Sigona’s specialty foods buyer.” I like to tell customers, ‘this IS your grandpa’s root beer!”

Get your first fill free! Limited time offer. Come by today!

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