Now at Sigona's: Happiness Within fresh, handmade dips

Now at Sigona’s: Happiness Within fresh, handmade dips


Fava Bean & Herbs


 Special introductory price: $3.99 each

Reg. $4.99. Prices valid through Oct. 31st

Our local vendor Heba Badran is introducing three ‘Happiness Within’ Dips, using more family recipes to wow you:

  • You have to try her wonderful Fava Bean dip – the beans are cooked with fresh herbs, onions, garlic, spices and olive oil, “transforming the mild beans taste to a taste buds dream!”
  • And her Hummus – oh wow. It has no added oils, so you can savor more of the clean, simple flavor of garbanzo beans and sesame seeds.
  • The Tahini is made with no added oils as Heba wants you to be able to enjoy the combination of whipped sesame seed paste with fresh garlic, fresh parsley, and lemon juice.

These dips are great for sandwich spreads for a quick meal. Have a special recipe for tahini? We’d love to hear about it…send it to

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