Tips for Healthy Living

Tips for Healthy Living

We’ve partnered with Dr. Doug Husbands of Holistic Health Bay Area to bring you a new set of Tips for Healthy Living. Dr. Husbands is a functional medicine doctor, clinical nutritionist, anti-aging health practitioner and doctor of chiropractic. I appreciate that he encourages visiting the doctor to focus on staying healthy instead of only visiting when you’re sick.– Carmelo Sigona

The Secret For Effective Long Term Weight Loss

By Dr. Douglas Husbands

With the upcoming New Year, many people have weight loss as one of their new year’s resolutions. While many are serious with their desire to lose weight, they don’t succeed in losing the weight and keeping it off long term.

With the well-documented health problems associated with obesity, such as diabetes, hypertension, and cardiovascular disease, an effective method for losing excess fat and keeping it off is essential.

One of the most effective methods for effective weight loss, is starting your weight loss program with a metabolic detoxification.  Do this twice a year as a long term strategy.

Going on a professionally supervised, nutritionally balanced, and realistic 3-week metabolic detoxification program two times per year can significantly decrease accumulated fat.  To find out more, read Metabolic Detoxification.

Furthermore, this method has numerous long-lasting benefits, such as, but not limited to:

  • increased mental clarity
  • decreased anxiety
  • significantly increased energy
  • improved muscle and skin tone
  • improved bowel function
  • hormonal balancing
  • improved exercise performance
  • decreased cardiovascular risks
  • improved blood sugar regulation
  • shinier hair and stronger nails

A proper metabolic detox must be balanced phase I and II for proper elimination of toxins from the body.

In over 35 years of weight-lifting and living a healthy lifestyle, I’ve found this method to be a vital part of a long-lasting and effective weight loss strategy. By the way, eating a significant variety of fruits and vegetables is essential for balanced detoxification.

Twice a year, we offer a group detox program, which I personally supervise. We are starting one this January, where will share 21 keys to weight loss in the first 21 days of January.  If you are interested, like us on Facebook.

About Dr. Doug:
Dr. Douglas Husbands is a Functional Medicine Doctor, Clinical Nutritionist, Anti-Aging Health Practitioner, and Doctor of Chiropractic.  As a health advocate and coach, he is dedicated to achieving optimal health through resolving the underlying disease processes through diet, nutrition and lifestyle modification.   To contact Dr. Doug, call 650-394-7470 or visit

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