Strong Enough to Handle the Sumo Mandarin?

Strong Enough to Handle the Sumo Mandarin?

Come check out these seedless and sweet rarities at Sigona’s before they’re gone

sumo mandarin

Behold the mighty Sumo mandarin

We know the weather has been pretty gloomy and soggy throughout the Bay Area this week, but keep your chin up. Sigona’s Farmers Market has some exciting news to help deliver a few rays of sunshine during this much needed mid-March storm.

Sigona’s just received a shipment of Sumo mandarins from Fresno. A hybrid between a mandarin and a California navel orange, sumo mandarins are incredibly difficult to track down. These seedless bundles of joy peel away fairly easily to expose sweet-tasting flesh that practically melts in your mouth. These have a complex orange zesty flavor that lasts and lasts.

The Sumo Mandarin

Sumo mandarins are one of the largest mandarins in the entire world. They were first developed in Japan around 40 years ago through painstaking research and development. Thankfully for us all that hard work has resulted in a truly original mandarin that explodes with mighty citrus flavors.

Excited to try a Sumo mandarin for yourself? Come on in to Sigona’s Farmers Market today where you’ll find a fresh box with supple Sumos waiting for you.

Be forewarned, however, that once this rare shipment is gone, it’s gone, so come on in and check them out today.

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