Shelled Walnuts on Sale at Sigona’s

Did you know that walnuts are considered a “super nut” and possess incredible health benefits?

shelled wallnuts

Our excellent quality walnuts grow in Hollister from a small family farmer with whom I’ve been good friends for over 30 years.

We have a terrific special happening for the next two weeks for this very healthy and popular nut:

7 oz. for just $2.99

(Reg. $4.99)

Nutritional info based on a 1 oz. serving:

  • Provides 12% RDA for fiber
  • Provides 8% RDA for protein
  • Provides 5% RDA for iron
  • Provides 6% RDA for thiamin
  • Provides 8% RDA for B6
  • Provides 10% RDA for phosphorus
  • Provides 48 % RDA for manganese
  • Provides 11% RDA for magnesium
  • Provides 3% RDA for calcium

Additional Spectacular Benefits:

  • Healthy fat providing omega-3 fatty acids
    • 1 oz. serving has 90% RDA
    • Omega 3 fatty acids have innumerable health benefits
  • Particularly rich in phenol antioxidants (like Gallic acid) with lots of major health benefits

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