4 Quick Questions with Golnazar Gourmet Ice Cream

Marketing Manager Mitra Golnazar talks saffron, vegan ice cream and keeping it all in the family.

Q. The Golnazar Saffron Pistachio is your most popular product right now. Can you describe it in 10 words or less?

A. Creamy, delicious, unique and flavorful like no other.

Q. Why did you decide to provide a vegan saffron pistachio option?

A. We wanted to provide an ice cream option for those that are lactose intolerant, want less calories or are careful about their cholesterol.

Q. Sigona’s is all about family and tradition. What’s it like for you to personally continue the Golnazar tradition of creating some of the best ice cream on the market?

A. It’s a great feeling to be reminded of our father and all the wonderful memories we had with him. Every day we get to make and distribute the same joy he brought to us, his community, our customers and supporters. Many of our customers love Golnazar Ice Cream products not just for the quality and the delicious taste, but also for the incredible amount of love we put into each product.

Q. What additional flavors (or products) do you have in the pipeline that our customers should look for?

A. Here are just a few:

  • Double Date ice cream (No sugar added and low in fat)
  • Chocotella Cream Chips (Featuring Nuttela flavor and cream chips)
  • Creamy Rose ice cream (Creamy with a mild rose flavor as well as Golnazar signature cream chips)
  • Crunchy Noodle Lemon Sorbetto (Mixture of Faloodeh – one of the oldest frozen dessert in history – and Italian Lemon Sorbetto with lemon zest)

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