Recipes Your Mom Will Love

Wake her up to the warm, spicy smell of Schokinac European Drinking Chocolate. Moroccan Spice is our favorite. She’ll most certainly reminisce about the dark chocolately, rich flavor.

Share a bouquet of fragrant flowers. Lilacs are in our floral shop…a treat only available for a very short time. (You can even make up a story that you cut them from the neighbor’s yard, to add a little intrigue.) Or choose fragrant freesias.

Offer a plate of strawberries. The first of season, flavor packed gems are here. Local, organic and elegant! They’re great plain, or to make it look like you really knocked yourself out with effort, serve it with yogurt with a little grated ginger. Heck, whatever fruit looks good to you always tastes great dipped in yogurt with ginger!

Serve up some berries, mascarpone cheese and chocolate shavings.

Scramble some eggs with small dabs of cream cheese and a sprinkle of dill.

Make mimosas with fresh squeezed orange juice and Californian sparkling wine.

Bring France to your Californian backyard, with our porcini mushroom and chanterelle brie.  A loaf of bread, a bottle of wine and you’re set for a lovely relaxing afternoon.

Hit the olive bar! We have a variety of savory items including Sicilian Olives which are perfect on a warm afternoon with a little bread and fresh pressed olive oil.

Pretend you spent all day cooking a rich Sicilian style pasta sauce, by opening a jar of one of ours.  (We won’t tell…really) Pair it with fresh pasta and a bottle of wine and you’ll have Mom smiling!

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