Luscious Local Raspberries over Marianne's Ice Cream

Luscious Local Raspberries over Marianne’s Ice Cream

Marianne’s Ice Cream Shop is considered to be a landmark in Santa Cruz and we’re honored to offer their ice cream at our stores! There are many many flavors to choose from – come on in for your favorite flavor and get it for FREE with the coupon below.

Nava_ice cream

(Pictured: John Nava, our Stanford store manager/specialty foods buyer, digs into a tub of Marianne’s Ice Cream and raspberries. His flavor pick? Strawberry, of course!)

Berries are hitting their peak now and there is nothing better than fresh, delicious berries over ice cream.

Simply place generous scoops of Marianne’s ice cream – any flavor you choose – into dessert bowls and plop an even amount of berries on top. We recommend enjoying this dish as you watch the sun set.

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