Carmelo's Cottage Cheese and Peach Breakfast Blend

Carmelo’s Cottage Cheese & Peach Breakfast Blend

This is a great low-glycemic dish with just the right amount of protein to make a light, satisfying summertime meal or pre-workout snack. This recipe came about by accident, really. My fiancé Jackie Kleinschmidt and I were looking for a light after-dinner snack so I used what I had on hand. We got to talking and forgot about the cottage cheese combo in the freezer, but now I “forget” on purpose because leaving it in the freezer for a bit longer created a fantastic cold, creamy texture we really loved!

  • 8 oz. cottage cheese

  • 3 tsp. organic Agave nectar

  • ¼ c. milk (or if you’d like to reduce the dairy, you can use rice milk)

  • 1 peach, skinned and halved

  • A pinch of poppy seeds

Directions: Combine cottage cheese, agave nectar and milk in a food processor and blend until smooth. Place the mix in a ramekin and put in the freezer for about 15 minutes (and talk romantically to the one you love).

While it’s chilling, place half the peach in the food processor and puree.

Cut the remaining peach half into slices. Scoop out the cottage cheese mixture onto the center of the plate and arrange the peach slices around it. Drizzle the peach puree over the arrangement. Sprinkle a pinch of poppy seeds over the top for color contrast and crunch, decorate with a mint leaf and enjoy!

(Cook’s note: protein satisfies the appetite as well as digests slowly to help keep those highs and lows from hitting us.)

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