Local Vendor Spotlight: Uncle Rick's OMG Bars

Local vend or spotlight: Uncle Rick’s OMG Bars

Made right here in Palo Alto!Uncle Rick_group

Rick Bridges, a former golf pro, and long-time Sigona’s customer developed these delicious little bars after his dad had heart surgery. Following the surgery, Rick’s dad had to have healthier snacks that were all natural, low in sugar, sodium and saturated fat and without cholesterol. As you can imagine, finding one item that met all these requirements (and tasted good, too) was difficult, so Rick tried his hand at making his own.

One bar was all it took and Nava was sold. OMG bars are made with sunflower seeds, almonds, walnuts, wheat germ and delicious dried fruits. Uncle Rick’s OMG bars come in 4 flavors, including banana mango, cranberry, mixed fruit and dates & raisins.

“These are actually meal replacement bars,” said Rick. “They’re low glycemic and handy when you’re on the go. Women have even come up to me while I’m demoing to show me that they carry a few in their purse for emergencies!”

“They were absolutely delicious and hit the spot,” said Nava. “I took one bite and said, ‘Bring ’em in!’ OMG, which stands for Oh My Goodness, is a terrific name for Rick’s bars because oh my goodness, they are good!”

Uncle Rick_OMG bar

Rick Bridges, founder of Uncle Rick's Food Co, Inc., Palo Alto, CA

“It was my oldest niece, Erica, who suggested I call them ‘Uncle Rick’s,’ said Rick. She said, ‘You’ve got to call them Uncle Rick’s because they’re the best!'”

Rick’s story is one we love to share at Sigona’s as he is a true local vendor.

“Rick has an inspirational story, it’s one of my favorites to share,” said Nava. “He had another profession, but out of need, he discovered a new talent and wanted to see where he could take it. We were one of the first to sell his bars, and now you can find them all over the Bay Area.”

Come in for a little pick-me-up…look for a coupon (valid from Aug 5-11) for an Emmi Latte and an Uncle Rick’s OMG bar for free!

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