Wouldn’t Ya Like a Little FREE Puddin’

Wouldn’t Ya Like a Little FREE Puddin’

Chocolaty and lusciously divine Angel Heart Puddin’ is on the shelves at Sigona’s and FREE to you with your coupon. Come on by!

“Hi, do you have Angel Heart angel food cakes in today?” is an FAQ around here. The scrumptious, light, fluffy, fat free and creative cakes practically fly off our shelves.

If you have sharp eyes, you may have spotted another Angel Heart product nestled among our refrigerated items: Angel Puddin’ – it’s what co-owners Chris Rivera and Debbie Umphreys call Pots de Crème Puddin’ and it’s lusciously divine.

Plus, an 8 oz. tub is yours FREE next week (April 11 – 17, 2012) with your coupon and a $30+ purchase. It’s the perfect size for you to enjoy by your lonesome before the kids get home from school (and they’ll never be the wiser).

Angel Heart, based in Redwood City, started just three years ago and was an instant, local success. The ladies have since expanded their product list, opened their own bakery with a storefront and even offer grab-and-go breakfast options at the bakery.

One of Angel Heart’s claims to fame is that their angel food cakes are fat free, a feat they achieved by eliminating egg yolks and butter. The ladies were able to create volume by whipping up egg whites with sugar and cream of tartar.

This did leave behind quite a few egg yolks. A challenge they met head on.

“Our Chocolate Pots de Crème Puddin’ came about because we needed to use up all those egg yolks,” said Chris. “Our puddin’ is different than others because it’s made like a French pots de crème; we use a lot of egg yolks, milk and some cream and mix in good quality chocolate. Comparatively, most American puddings are made with milk, sugar, flavorings and thickened with cornstarch.”

Business continues to grow for Chris and Debbie. The pair celebrated one year at their bakery on February 21st and are continually adding to their products and services. Their success is most definitely contributed to the local community’s support of local businesses – a structure we also depend on for our success.

Come by today for your free puddin’ and don’t forget to pick up one of the Angel Heart Cakes. Then, when you get a chance, stop by the Angel Heart bakery at 3716 Florence Street in Redwood City to see their lineup.

The ladies also offer a corporate breakfast option, wedding cake alternatives, treats for wedding/baby showers, stuffed brownies, coffee cake, banana bread, pocket pies and even a gluten-free Apricot Dacquoise cake (layers of almond-meringue with apricot puree, chocolate ganache and whipped cream…oh my).

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