Local Vendor Spotlight: John Simi of Saporito Fine Pasta Co.

Another New Creation from Local Vendor John Simi of Saporito Fine Pasta Co.

No stranger to Sigona’s coupon offers, John Simi has created a special dessert ravioli that is perfect for your holiday party or romantic night in.

John Simi, owner of Saporito Fine Pasta Co. in Redwood City, has supplied Sigona’s with the absolute best fresh pasta for more than 10 years. Remember the butternut squash ravioli we offered in a coupon a few months ago…AND the sausage stuffed ravioli for Oktoberfest…this is the same guy and he’s made another new creation!

John Simi, owner of Saporito Fine Pasta Co. in Redwood City, has whipped up yet another creation for our coupon program. This time...dessert ravioli!

Working hand-in-hand with John Nava, specialty foods buyer for Sigona’s, Simi has created a dessert ravioli made with chocolate pasta and filled with marscapone and chocolate shavings. We guarantee this will make you feel like a gourmet chef when presenting it to your dinner guests!

Sixteen years ago, John Simi, a veteran wine broker, took advantage of an opportunity to transition from the wine business to the fresh pasta business. Now, he owns and operates the very successful Redwood City-based fresh pasta business called Saporito Fine Pasta, catering to more northern California restaurants and specialty food stores than he can count.

We love working with Simi just as much as we love eating Saporito pasta! There is much to admire about Simi and his company, but one thing we appreciate and admire the most is his flexibility and creativity. He makes the pasta making & filling business seem easy and welcomes challenges with open arms. For example, we only asked Simi to develop a dessert ravioli about two weeks ago and he preformed beautifully.

We threw around fillings ideas such as sweet butternut squash with Amaretti cookie bits, peanut butter & jelly and a cocoa pasta pillow filled with marscapone cheese and chocolate shavings. The taste test wasn’t easy…we hemmed and hawed, but decided on the cocoa ravioli filled with marscapone and chocolate shavings.  Not too sweet, not too not too rich and…well, who doesn’t like chocolate? Nice work, Mr. Simi!

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