Local Vendor Spotlight: HapiBean Soda Coffee

HapiBean Soda Coffee LogoGet ready to experience a creamylicious moment with HapiBean Soda Coffee.

Yes, you read that right! It’s coffee. It’s soda and it’s amazing!

HapiBean could be your next favorite drink. It’s a simple, genius drink– ideal for enjoying any time of day, yet fancy enough for parties too!

Bill King and Scott Shields, the makers of HapiBean understand soda and coffee lovers; that’s why every sip of HapiBean marks an amazing taste experience like no other.

HapiBean soda coffee is handcrafted in small batches to guarantee quality and freshness. Each flavor is made using a secret syrup blend mixed with the finest Arabica coffee beans available and bottled in sustainable fancy bottles. HapiBean is available in three deliciously thirst-quenching flavors:

Irish Cream: It’s deliciously smooth, creamy and boasts hints of vanilla.

Chocolate-Mint:  Offers you a slight cool burst of mint with indulgent notes of chocolate.

Cinnamon: Sweet, rich and aromatic. It’s perfect for this time of year!


HapiBean Story

The idea of HapiBean was developed by Scott Shields as a true labor of love. Scott is a specialist in concept origination, brand development, marketing and distribution modeling. His first experience in the coffee industry was in 2012, when he was presenting a product at a coffee trade show. While working at the booth, every now and then, he purchased a soda. That’s when the light bulb went off and the idea of HapiBean was born.

Scott’s initial idea was to develop a flavored soda coffee. In the process of planning, he partnered with a local coffee roaster, but after being unable to find the suitable bottling company to partner with; HapiBean was shelved for quite some time.

Scott and Bill King

Pictured: Makers of HapiBean Scott Shields (left), Bill King (right)

Earlier this year, coincidentally driving to the Bay Area down route 5 to La Quinta, California; Scott made a stop at a country store, where he came across the fancy bottle he had been looking for. He soon called the bottler and on first ring, Bill King picked up the phone. After Scott expressed his interest in his bottles; they met up.

While getting to know each, Scott found out Bill’s wife currently suffers from Alzheimer’s. Coincidentally, Scott’s father passed away in August of this year. He also suffered from Alzheimer’s. “This may sound silly to some, but I initially felt my dad lead me to Bill. I told myself this is a man I can trust, so I told him my soda coffee concept,” said Scott.

With the many years of experience in the beverage industry, Bill was able to formulate HapiBean in a short period of time. It couldn’t have tasted better and the bottle was the perfect final touch that gave birth to HapiBean.

HapiBean amber bottleSeeing the promising results following a taste test done outside the ballpark in San Francisco during the World Series; the HapiBean team knew they were ready to launch its soda coffee to the local community.

For a truly delicious soda coffee experience, show us your coupon from Nov. 26-Dec. 2nd  and get a FREE bottle of HapiBean Irish cream soda coffee with your in-store purchase of $30 or more. You’ll be happy you tried it!

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