Tips for Healthy Living

Tips for Healthy Living

Tips for Healthy Living” have been a hit, and we want to continue to touch on topics of interest to our readers. I’ve learned that working out to keep fit is sometimes not enough, and if you really want to avoid injuries and have the ability to work out into your later years, this series of health tips we will be presenting is for you! — Carmelo Sigona

Doing pushups on the bosu ball focuses on using your core and smaller muscle groups vs. regular pushups which focus on large muscle groups.

Turning a basic push up into a challenging core based exercise.

I started doing these bosu pushups when I injured my shoulder. It has really rehabilitated my shoulder and now continues to build up muscle and strength without risk of injury. Following are a few tips from our friend Dan Locsin, owner of Train for Life in Morgan Hill.

Try the yoke pushup or the bosu pushup.  This is like surfing, but with your arms.

Dan demonstrates a pushup on the Yoke Bar.

Any kind of instability training forces the body to recruit the small muscle groups around the joints. Doing a regular pushup is great for the larger muscles like the pectoralis major and the triceps, but… doing a yoke or bosu pushup forces you to use your core and the smaller muscle groups such as your rotators and stabilizers around the elbow and wrist joints in addition to the large muscle groups.

This is a great way to build back and abdominal strength.  For more info on the yoke, check out — Dan Locsin

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