Local Vendor Spotlight: Heba creates another fantastic offering for Happiness Within

Local Vendor Spotlight: Heba creates another fantastic offering for Happiness Within

Heba, creator of Happiness Within desserts, now offers petite orange cakes made with fresh, hand-squeezed orange juice and wholesome ingredients.

“Heba’s cakes have a clean orange taste; you can tell they’re made with pure ingredients,” said Jimmy Sigona.

Remember the delectably delicate baklava we featured a few weeks ago? The creator, Heba Badran of Happiness Within desserts, is now offering you another from-scratch pastry…one we know you’ll love just as much as her baklava. They’re petite orange cakes and you can now find these fresh-baked treats at both our stores.

Heba’s orange cakes are simply the product of her desire for a dessert that tastes as good as it looks. The fresh, moist and light petite bundt cakes (5 in a box) are almost too cute to eat, but the flavor is too enjoyable to miss.

Heba Badran, a Sigona's local vendor, also makes Baklava for her company, Happiness Within.

'Happiness Within' on a plate. Heba's pastries are a happy end to a meal.

“I’m tempted by my sweet tooth when I do my shopping and am usually disappointed with the taste of the pastry I purchase, so now I bake little desserts at home instead,” said Heba.

Coming from three generations of pastry connoisseurs, all of whom specialized in French pastries, Heba proudly creates gourmet-bakery quality pastries at affordable prices.

“Heba’s cakes are as delicious as what you’d find in an expensive bakery, but they’re priced for the rest of us,” said John Nava, Sigona’s specialty foods buyer.

Heba uses only wholesome ingredients, such as fresh, hand-squeezed orange juice, for the cakes which keeps them deliciously light and moist. “I originally came up with these recipes for myself to enjoy so I pay special attention to the ingredients,” said Heba. “I’m committed to using only what I would want to eat myself.”

With a purchase this week (May 19-25th) of more than $30, you can pick up a free box of five petite orange cakes for free with your coupon! Retail value: $5.99.

You remember Heba, right? Click here for a previous feature about Heba and her company.

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