Local Vendor Spotlight: Biscotti from Fifi’s Sweet Sensations

Local Vendor Spotlight: Biscotti from Fifi’s Sweet Sensations

By Carmelo Sigona

Sean and Fay Fatolahi, owners of Fifi’s Sweet Sensations, are at it again. They’ve created another fresh-baked sweet treat for you. This time it’s biscotti!

Sean and Fay Fatolahi, owners of Fifi's Sweet Sensations

As our gift to you August 4 – 10th, 2010, we’re offering a free container (10 pieces) of Fifi’s biscotti with your coupon when you make a purchase of $30 or more. The offer includes two new, unique biscotti flavors that are not to miss: Saffron Pistachio and Almond Espresso.

“There’s nothing like this on the market, these flavors are very unique,” said Fay, the lead pastry chef for Fifi’s. “I wanted to make a preservative-free, restaurant-style biscotti available to the public, so I put together a recipe that’s a combination of several morphed biscotti recipes and it resulted in a biscotti that’s not too hard or difficult to bite and chew. You don’t have to dunk our biscotti in coffee or tea to be able to enjoy it.”

We’ve carried Fifi’s biscotti for a few months now, but the saffron pistachio and almond espresso are new flavors to the Fifi’s line. Although you don’t need coffee or tea to eat Fifi’s biscotti, there’s nothing better than sitting down for an afternoon break with a piece or two of the almond espresso biscotti and a cup of coffee. The saffron pistachio biscotti itself is such a treat that our customers have other stores hurriedly connecting with Fifi’s to stock their shelves with the uniquely flavored biscotti.

Saffron, as you may know, is a spice that traces back to western Asia. It’s derived from the dried reddish-orange stigma of the flower from a saffron crocus plant. When used for culinary purposes, saffron naturally gives food a bright yellow color, similar to that of cornbread, and a distinctive and pungent flavor. You’ll often find saffron flavored dishes on the menus of fine, high-end restaurants.

To also help ensure the integrity of their product, Fay and Sean are sure to select quality ingredients, such as all natural flour. They also purchase the majority of their nuts from yours truly!

We first featured Fifi’s Sweet Sensations in November 2009 when their company was just settling in on the Peninsula. In the time that’s passed, especially thanks to the great response the coupon for Fifi’s fresh-baked vanilla raspberry and vanilla chocolate filled cookies generated amongst our customers, the company has grown up, joined forces with Sassan Teymouri, their partner at Amorossi Food, expanded its product line and moved to a new facility in Santa Clara.

Get a 10-piece container of Fifi's biscotti free August 4-10th with your coupon when you spend $30 or more. Choose from Almond Espresso and Saffron Pistachio.

“Because of our partnership with Amorossi Food, we’re able to get more unique products into stores,” said Sean. “For example, we recently started delivering all natural U.S.-made comb honey to Sigona’s, which has been a big hit. Comb honey is the most pure form of honey one can buy in the market.

“We’d also like to acknowledge Sigona’s as they’ve been one of the biggest supporters of us as a local vendor,” continued Sean. “Just as Sigona’s helped us, we, with Amorossi Food, want to help other local vendors gain footing in the area. We’re reaching higher levels and helping other vendors just the way Sigona’s helped us.

We at Sigona’s love nothing more than seeing our local vendors, new and longtimers, succeed in doing what they love. We started our local vendor feature program to introduce new, locally made products to our customers, and to provide a platform the talented foodies in our community to gain a foothold in the food industry. We share a passion with our local vendors, and that’s to bring you the absolute best.

To read more about Sean and Fay from Fifi’s Sweet Sensations, click here. Remember, you can try their two newest biscotti flavors for free August 4 – 10th with your coupon when you make a purchase of $30 or more.

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