Simple Healthy Delicious: Watermelon, Italian Feta & Mint Skewers

Simple Healthy Delicious: Watermelon, Italian Feta & Mint Skewers

You can sliver the mint and mix these ingredients together in a bowl for a lovely, scoopable salad, but who doesn’t love skewers? The flavors of the sweet watermelon are perfectly complimented by the not-too-salty Italian feta (a new favorite in our store). The mint brings the presentation together with a fresh flavor and color. This recipe was inspired by local chef Luisa Ormonde who served this at our olive oil seminar. She says that Ricotta Salata works well in place of the Feta.

What you need:

This refreshing appetizer was served at our olive oil seminar, too. Photo by A Girl and a Camera Photography.

  • Watermelon, preferably seedless
  • Italian Feta
  • Mint leaves
  • Skewers, about 3-4 inches in length

Directions: Dice the watermelon in bite size cubes and do likewise to the Feta. Lightly bend a mint leaf in half and slide it onto the skewer. Slide on a piece of the Feta and follow it up with a watermelon cube. Arrange the skewers on a tray, standing straight up or laying down, and serve.

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