Tips for Healthy Living from Lite for Life: Drink Your Water

Tips for Healthy Living: Drink Your Water!

Sigona’s has partnered with Lite for Life, a local weight loss company, to share tips with you about taking a natural and healthy approach to eating and weight management that will help you achieve and maintain control for life. — Carmelo Sigona

Lite for Life Tip #8

Drink Your Water!

Our bodies are made mostly of water, and water is essential for nearly all cellular processes that take place in our bodies. Even mild dehydration can cause your body to retain fluid (in an effort to hold on to every drop!), can promote fatigue and headaches, and severely limits the body’s ability to burn calories efficiently. Recent studies have also solidly confirmed that drinking 16 fl. oz of water before meals can be a helpful and healthful weight loss tool! Be sure to drink at least 6-8 glasses a day (more during exercise or on a hot day) to keep your body operating in tip-top shape.

A note from Carmelo: I find fresh squeezed lemon really adds to my desire to drink more water.

I understand there are many benefits to fresh squeezed lemon in water if it is consumed within 15 minutes.

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