California Jumbo Sized Calimyrna Figs at Sigona’s

Calymirna figs pair nicely with spinach salad and goat cheese

Calymirna figs pair nicely with spinach salad and goat cheese

Our California jumbo sized Calimyrna figs are simply the most luscious, rare and best on the market. You’d be hard pressed to find these incredible beauties anywhere else but at Sigona’s Farmers Market. The are superbly plump, versatile, healthy and absolutely delicious

From Fresno Valley, California
Special $3.99 (10.5 oz. container)
Regular $5.99

They are a delicious, nutritious treat to be enjoyed in numerous ways.

  • Easy to stuff with your favorite cheese. For example:
    • Try Gorgonzola with walnuts
    • Any type of goat cheese with walnuts/pecans
  • Figs wrapped with prosciutto and served with blue cheese
  • Fig banana smoothie
  • Fig nut sandwich
  • Goat cheese fig pizza
  • Cambazola focaccia fig pizza
  • Out of hand
  • Chopped in cereals and fresh fruit smoothies

The following nutritional info is from the California Fig Advisory Board. Fresh and dried figs contain:

  • Disease-fighting antioxidants
  • Good amounts of calcium
  • Good amounts of potassium
  • Good amounts of iron
  • Lots of dietary fiber

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