John Sigona’s Pick of the Week: California Raw Sprouted Gourmet Almonds

John Sigona’s dried fruit and nut selection of the week is raw sprouted gourmet almonds.

Special $2.99
(5 oz. container)
Regular $4.99

Our live, healthy and unique California raw sprouted gourmet almonds are difficult to find anywhere other than Sigona’s Farmers Market. They are actually healthier, better tasting and easier to chew and digest than regular raw almonds.

The “secret” sprouted unique formula is the key. This healthy, original and live sprouted food has exception nutritional value locked inside each kernel. This is because sprouting enlivens the enzymes that are dormant within. Once in contact with water, the nut awakens. Therefore sprouted almonds contain concentrated vital energy and nutrition. Sprouting also neutralizes enzyme inhibitors that are present in the nut to allow for quicker and more complete digestion and assimilation of nutrients.

Some amazing nutritional information:

  • Sprouted almonds contain  anti aging factor resveratrol.   There are  1.4 mg per 24 nuts, which is the equivalent of three glasses of red wine.
  • Sprouted almonds contain cholesterol lowering factors such as beta sitosterol, campesterol, and stanols.
  • Sprouted almonds contain stigma sterol – an anti muscle stiffness factor.
John outside with produce

John Sigona’s has been our dried fruit and nut expert for over 35 years.

Some of the reasons why raw sprouted almonds are superior to regular raw almonds (per 1 oz. serving):

  • Calories from fat: Raw 113; Sprouted 99 (-13%)
  • Total fat: Raw 12.8 g; Sprouted 11.25 g (-12%)
  • Saturated fat: Raw 0.88 g; Sprouted 0.74 g (-16%)
  • Riboflavin B2: Raw 31 g; Sprouted 0.35 g (+ 13%)
  • Niacin B3: Raw 0.95%; Sprouted 0.99 g (+ 4%)
  • Soluble Fiber: Raw 7.4%; Sprouted 10.3% (+39%)

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