John Sigona’s Pick of the Week: World’s Very Best Fiji Crystallized Ginger

John Sigona’s dried fruit and nut selection of the week is the world’s very best Fiji crystallized ginger at an all-time low price.

9 oz. Container – $3.99

(Reg. $6.99)

This wonderful and healthy item was on sale just three months ago, and now I’ve recently secured an even better deal. That’s why I’m lowering the regular price from $7.99 to $6.99 (9 oz.); I’m even more excited that from August 14-26, 2013, I’m offering this amazing ginger for just $3.99 (9 oz.).

Because of the wonderful, suburb and rare quality, our crystallized ginger is a hard-to-find item. Plus it’s just so darn good for you!

Harvested in Fiji (in the past it was Australia), it’s grown and processed by the same small family operators that we have been doing business with for the past 20 years or so. Their headquarters and distribution center is right nearby in Monterey County.

John outside with produce

John Sigona is the dried fruit & nut buyer for Sigona’s Farmers Markets in Palo Alto and Redwood City, Calif.

It’s harvested while very young; only the most choice area of the root is used – the center. Our ginger is not stringy, and it’s tender, soft and has great flavor. It’s recognized as the finest in the world, is masterfully dried to perfection and has absolute “off the scale” quality with a terrific balance of sweetness and a delightful pungent and spicy “kick.”

Besides snacking, use this for any recipes calling for ginger. For a tempting treat, try dipping in melted dark chocolate.

As with fresh ginger, dried ginger has many medicinal properties:

  • Can help alleviate various causes of nausea
  • Can help aid the digestive process
  • Can help alleviate other stomach issues
  • Can help alleviate colds
  • Can help ease sea sickness or car sickness
  • Can help with menopausal issues
  • Can help ease headaches

I’m really hooked on this stuff and love to use it for snacking – especially dipped in melted dark chocolate. Feel free to use it for any recipe calling for ginger as well.

Crystallized Ginger_white

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