In the Kitchen with Sigona’s Featuring: Blushing Mimosas

Blushing Mimosas

with Fresh-Squeezed Blood Orange Juice

The perfect ratio for a mimosa is equal parts juice to sparkling wine. If you’re making a pitcher for a crowd, you may want to cut back on the wine a little, but that’s entirely up to you. We squeeze blood orange juice daily in our markets, using locally grown blood oranges!

Blood Orange Mimosa_360

What you need:

  • Fresh-squeezed blood orange juice, chilled
  • Chilled sparkling wine, such as Veuve Du Vernay Brut
  • Champagne flutes or equally fancy glasses

Directions: Pour together equal parts juice and sparkling wine into individual glasses or a pitcher, if serving a crowd. If serving out of a pitcher, give the mixture a gentle stir before you pour. Serve chilled.

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