Robbie’s Produce Tips: Fresh Beets

Beets at the farmers market, macro, shallow focus.

Fresh Beets: 

  • Select beets that are firm. Older beets will get spongy.
  • Select beets with fresh, dark green leafy tops (greens). Older greens & beets will have a yellow tinge.
  • Store beets in the fridge.
  • Beets have an outer skin that is generally peeled off before using. If you roast them, the skin comes off easily. If peeling a raw beet, us a vegetable peeler.
  • Beet greens are edible and can be used raw in salads, sautéed, steamed or boiled. They’re also good in soups. Greens are loaded with potassium, vitamin A and calcium.
  • Beets are terrific when juiced – they’re a good cleanser. However, you have to be very careful about how much you use or it will shock your system. Find a good, reliable juicing recipe and stick to the measurements.






Robbie Sigona is our produce buyer. He works with local farmers and scours the market for the very best in fresh fruits and vegetables – some of you won’t find anywhere else.

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