Robbie’s Produce Tips: Heirloom Watermelon Radish

watermelon radish

Heirloom watermelon radishes are characterized by their beautiful green-to-white exterior and bright pink interior. The watermelon radish is a unique variety of the daikon radish, but unlike daikon, watermelon radish is sweeter in flavor and very mildly peppery.

To choose:

  • Select radish free of cracks and nicks
  • Fresh radish should be firm
  • Select those with smooth skin
  • Avoid choosing radishes that have wilted or soft roots


  • Store in a plastic bag in the refrigerator
  • Radish will refrigerate well for 1-2 weeks

To enjoy: 

  • Use in salads, slaws, stir-fry or pickled
  • Substitute in recipes that call for rutabagas or turnips


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