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Let Us Offer You Some Lettuce

Diane Rezendes, food writer

In her Tale of the Flopsy Bunnies, Beatrix Potter writes, “It is said that the effect of eating too much lettuce is ‘soporific,’” then adds, “I have never felt sleepy after eating lettuces; but then I am not a rabbit.”

We don’t know of anyone who has felt sleepy after eating lettuce either: in fact, it seems to us that fresh greens are more likely to help us feel light and alert. But then we are not rabbits, either.

Today we want to alert you to our latest coupon giveaway. It’s Bibb lettuce – a beautiful, delicate green with a subtle, nutty taste that’s ideal for salads or wraps – especially when it serves as the foundation for a mélange of flavors that are savory, creamy, and bright.


Hooked on ‘ponics – Hydroponics, That Is

Chances are, you’ve bought hydroponically-grown lettuce before, but you probably don’t know much about its cultivation process. This lettuce comes from Suncrest Farms in Pescadero, where they place young lettuce seedlings on floating rafts in temperature- and light-controlled greenhouses. The seeds are all organic; no pesticides are used.

The water is continually filtered, sterilized, and oxygenated, even as the temperature and pH is carefully managed, providing the optimal environment for the roots to thrive.

With all this water, you might be surprised to learn it’s far more water-efficient to grow lettuce this way. A typical field-grown head of lettuce takes anywhere from 16 – 38 gallons to grow; hydroponically-grown lettuce takes only a single gallon.



Rinse and use as you would any salad green. Because the roots are pre-cut, the leaves are cleaner than other lettuces, making kitchen prep quicker and easier.

The leaves are a happy mix of tender outer leaves and compact inner ‘rosette’ leaves with a crisper bite. Though tender, Bibb leaves are sturdy enough to hold their own as a wrap for a savory filling, or as a container for a juicy burger, fresh off the grill.

Bibb lettuce – like all butterheads such as Boston and Butter lettuce – makes an especially nice foundation for a salad that includes savory and bright flavors (think goat cheese, dried cranberries, Satsuma and walnuts, for example). This lettuce stands up well to creamy dressings, and, caramelized in butter, can work nicely even added to soup.


This Salad Will Bring You Compliments

Try this simple salad that’s a sure winner to just about any entrée: Bibb lettuce, fresh sliced radishes, and sautéed almonds, dressed with Sigona’s Fresh Press Extra Virgin Olive Oil, fresh-squeezed lemon juice, and salt and pepper. (To prepare the almonds: sauté slivered almonds in a small quantity of butter. As they start to brown, sprinkle good-quality sea salt and a pinch of sugar.)

When I’ve prepared this for friends, everyone wants the recipe. One downside: I’ve learned I can’t prepare almonds in quantity because I eat them all! (But maybe you are more disciplined…)

Try it for free

Check out our coupon to take home free Bibb lettuce with your in-store purchase of $30 or more.


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