We have some of the healthiest, best-tasting olive oils on earth!

The Italian olive oils have arrived! Watch the video to learn more about the Nocellara from Carmelo Sigona.

Some of the healthiest, best-tasting olives oils on earth are now available at Sigona’s!

Now available at our markets are some of the healthiest, best-tasting olive oils on earth! How do we know? Well, we’re produce experts. Olives are fruit, and just as with other fresh produce, olives grow seasonally. Sigona’s believes when it comes to high quality olive oil, fresher is always better!

The olives grown in the Northern Hemisphere are harvested from about November until early in the new year, while olives grown in the Southern Hemisphere are harvested from about May through June. We purchase extraordinary examples of fresh pressed olive oils from around the world, following the seasons, to ensure we have the freshest, healthiest oils available.  

Did you know that olives pressed more than nine to 12 months ago have started to lose their integrity? Some have even begun to turn rancid. Old oils lose their excellent health properties and can actually be more detrimental than beneficial to one’s health. 

Sigona’s offers the highest quality, single-cultivar oils around, many of them gold medal winners that are impossible to duplicate in the traditional market place! The oils we we bring in are made from olives that were cold pressed within 2 to 4 hours of harvest. Now that’s fresh!

Keep scrolling to learn about each of the oils we have received this season, including the customer favorite, the California Arbequina, as well as the Hojiblanca and Picual from the famous Melgarjeo Estate in Spain, and the outstanding Italian oils we’ve just received.

Meet the 2022 Northern Hemisphere oils:

Organic Chetoui and Kalamata
Nocellara and Cerasoula
Biancolilla and Athinolia
Cobrançosa and Arbequina
Galega and Hojiblanca
Lecciana and Picual
Chiquitita and Lentrisca (Lentrisca is SOLD OUT)

It’s time to pick up some new, fresh extra virgin olive oil! 

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