Team Minée Chocolate Debuts at Sigona’s Farmers Market

Celebrate with us as we share a new, outstanding chocolate made right here in Menlo Park! Come by to get a free 75% dark Minée Chocolate bar for free Dec. 6-12, 2023, with your coupon and $30+ in-store purchase.

Renée and Michael, sampling Minée chocolates and coffee at Sigona’s in Palo Alto.

Minée Chocolate was founded in 2019 by Menlo Park residents Michael Sigmon and Renée Fadiman. Sigona’s was the first market to sell their chocolate and we are thrilled to be able to share this new, locally made treasure with you!

Minée chocolate is made from the highest-grade, single-origin and ethically produced cacao beans, which the team sources from Ecuador, which is regarded as one of the finest cacao growing regions in the world. Michael and Renée spent months finding the perfect source, and then three years developing small-batch, bean-to-bar chocolates.

“I dropped off some bars at Sigona’s one day, hoping they’d get into the hands of the buyer,” said Michael. “Some time had passed and then one day I got a phone call from a really excited gentleman, who was indeed John Nava, and he said, ‘Your chocolate is incredible, and I want to sell it!’”

John Nava, our specialty foods & cheese buyer, is an expert in fine chocolate. He knew that the Minée bars were exceptional because they have a true, old-world style and had gone through an aging process. It’s these little differences that make each bar a work of art; they are produced to maximally release the flavor of the bean via an exquisite velvety mouthfeel.

The name Minée is a mingling, or portmanteau, of their first names and as such, captures their shared passion for the sourcing and making of fine chocolate. Michael, a classically trained chef, does everything from scratch, from processing and perfecting, to directing the art for the labels, to wrapping the finished bars.

“I do it all, but I couldn’t do this without my gal, Renée. She’s the good stuff,” said Michael. “The artwork on the label for our Demitasse bar is fashioned after her. Without her, my stuff would just be meh.”

Michael Sigmon of Minée Chocolate

We carry several Minée chocolate bars, including a new vegan milk chocolate bar that’s just been released, and we know you’ll love the 75% dark bar you can get for free with your coupon (below) and $30+ in-store purchase. Michael will be sampling from about 11 a.m. – 2 p.m. at our Palo Alto market on Saturday and our Redwood City market on Sunday. He’ll have some Team Minée coffee for sampling, too!

“We’re tiny right now, but I know we’re going places,” said Michael. “It’s folks like Nava and Sigona’s that really help us with this because they know quality. It allows us to put our products out in front of people, and I couldn’t be more grateful.

“No matter how big we get, we’ll always be at Sigona’s.”

Skip the printer! Simply show us the coupon on your digital device. Valid Dec. 6-12, 2023 in our markets only.

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