Sigona's combines Turlock cantaloupe with Marianne's Ice Cream

Nava the Passionate does it again!

Sigona’s combines outstanding cantaloupe from Turlock, CA with Sam Lieberman’s famous Marianne’s Ice Cream from Santa Cruz

Sam Lieberman and
his wife Dorothy are renowned for their old-fashioned Marianne’s Ice Cream shop in Santa Cruz near the boardwalk; pulling over for a double scoop of Marianne’s is practically a ritual for Santa Cruz visitors. Nava_Marianne's ice creamSigona’s has partnered with Marianne’s for about 10 years years, and we’re excited to announce that we’ve taken our relationship to the next level…we’re making exclusive flavors together featuring Sigona’s products!

(Pictured: John Nava scoops up a spoonful of Marianne’s goodness)

John Nava has been working with Sam, who has owned and operated Marianne’s since 1958, to develop an exclusive flavor for Sigona’s using our famous Westside cantaloupes from Turlock, CA.

“We work with some of the best, most talented local vendors and Marianne’s is one of my favorites because it reminds me of the way ice cream used to taste when I was a kid,” said Nava.

Marianne's ice creamYes, Marianne’s already makes a cantaloupe ice cream, but this version is different because we’re adding to it with the premium quality of the famous Westside cantaloupes. Westside melons have a naturally higher sugar content; they’re sweeter and juicer than other cantaloupes.

Marianne’s boasts 75 different flavors, and showcases 72 in their store on Ocean Street in Santa Cruz. Of the 75 flavors, Sigona’s carries between 30-50 at anytime in both stores, and they change seasonally, too. Sam’s all time favorite flavor? Butter Brickle, hands down.

Sam has been in the ice cream business for more than 50 years now, and still says that his favorite part is, “Talking with people about our business and making sure people walk out our door with a smile. It really does make my day.”

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