Another Gelato Creation You've Got to Try!!

Another Gelato Creation You’ve Got to Try!!

John Nava and Vince Gizdich look at the ripe boysenberries at Gizdich Ranch in Watsonville

You already know Massimo! We told you earlier this summer we’d announce several new, exclusive flavors of Massimo’s gelato and sorbet…remember that? Well, in this issue we’re unveiling two new flavors: Bleeding-Ripe Boysenberry Gelato, made with perfect boysenberries from Vince Gizdich’s ranch in Watsonville, and an heirloom apricot sorbet made with Blenheim apricots.

Massimo tastes the latest batch.

We’re almost at a loss of words to describe the intense, delectable flavor of the boysenberry gelato. The combination of Vince’s berries and Massimo’s authentic gelato is knock-your-socks off fantastic. It’s called Bleeding-Ripe Boysenberry because the berries were picked at their ripest and they were leaking (or bleeding) their super-sweet juice.

Another bonus? Yes, another bonus! Not only does gelato have half the calories of ice cream, Massimo’s sorbets are virtually fat free – even with their fantastic flavor. For all of you who seek out and call ahead for the Blenheim apricots, get ready for our Blenheim apricot sorbet! It’s exploding with the sweet-tart intense flavor of apricot, and John Nava, our specialty foods and cheese buyer, says Massimo really nailed this flavor.

Nava and Massimo spent a few days together at Massimo’s gelato factory in Watsonville discussing the gelato and sorbet creation process and what characteristics were required to make the flavor come through perfectly. Vince joined the the team for a few days too to get the scoop (pun intended) on how many berries to bring in and when. Of course, he got in on a little of the taste testing, too!

“It took weeks to perfect the apricot sorbet,” said Nava. “The Blenheims are unique apricots to begin with, but we knew right away when we had nailed the taste, it was perfect!”Since these two flavors came together so perfectly, we’re challenging ourselves to another: Fresh Heirloom Apple Pie Gelato! Keep your eye out for this third exclusive flavor — it’ll be ready as soon as harvest is in full swing this fall.

We've partnered with Massimo to develop these three flavors exclusively for Sigona's. They're made with fruits from local farmers.

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